CrossFit Classes

Choose from our many timetabled group classes each week – something to suit every schedule! Classes last an hour, have a new workout each day, and are led by experienced coaches. Class workouts are programmed for our members in-house by our Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, Matt Redgrove. The aim of workouts delivered at CrossFit Maitland is to develop every aspect of your fitness without favouring a particular area. This is the true essence of CrossFit. With consistent training you’ll have improvements in strength, power, speed, coordination, endurance, and stamina, and an increased capacity for short to long duration training efforts, for a host of movements drawn from gymnastics/bodyweight training and weightlifting, and for running, rowing, biking, and jump rope.

Monday to Thursday

6am 7am 9:30am 5pm 6pm 7pm


6am 7am 9:30am 5pm 6pm


8am & 9am


CrossFit Kids Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays – Teens 12 to 17yrs




Available for members on an Unlimited Membership with an access card.

Monday to Friday

4am to 10pm


6am to 5pm

Sundays and Public Holidays

8am to 5pm

** Not available during class times **