Shoulder Mobility Workshop

This Saturday 16th August we have a 3.5hr Shoulder Mobility Workshop on from 8:30am with Sharon.
Of all the joints in our body, the shoulder is the most complicated and has the greatest range of motion. Unlike the hip, there is no socket to support the integrity of this major joint. Our arm is held to our body by a complex network of attachments. Our shoulder has to provide adequate stability while maintaining full mobility to prevent injury and maximize function and performance.
If you’re undecided on attending the workshop ask yourself the following questions:
Does my level of mobility allow me to complete all CrossFit movements correctly?
Does my level of mobility give me complete range of motion?
Does my level of mobility give me the best chance of preventing injury?
Does my level of mobility give me maximum function and performance?
Do I give enough time to mobility to offset the stress I put on my shoulders from CrossFit?
On top of what we put ourselves through at the gym, our modern lifestyle sees us sitting a far larger portion of the day than what we were designed for. As a result many of us have developed overly tight musculature of the shoulders, giving us a rounded more hunched look, which impairs our performance and risks injury.
There are still spots available so please book in!
I can think of many of you that need this and will benefit greatly from coming along!