Front Squats/Push-Ups and Run

MONDAY 280714
Paused front squats 4-4-4-4-4
Pause in the bottom at full depth for 3 to 5 seconds. Have someone else count the seconds for you if needed. Stay balanced and focus on a strong posture and rack position by keeping the back straight and weight of the bar bearing down on the top of the shoulders. Newer lifters find a weight that challenges you across the sets yet barely allows you to complete the final set. If you’ve been doing this a while by your last set you should have found your 4RM. We’ll check back with these soon and in between work on stone loads and see if there’s a difference!
For time:
150 push-ups (100 for women)
Each time you break run 200m
If full range of motion with elbows in and body straight can’t be achieved on the floor for the push-ups put your hands on a bench, box, or any elevated surface and/or use a Slingshot if available.