PurePharma at CrossFit Maitland

Hey crew, CFM is very excited to announce we have partnered with PurePharma! Many of you were keen for this to happen after talking with Joe at the PurePharma stall at Regionals in Wollongong! You’ll now easily be able to purchase the best supplements available for supporting your CrossFit training, and most importantly, your health, at the box! The PurePharma range includes the PurePharma O3 (Omega 3 Fish Oil), M3 (3 minerals), and D3 (Vitamin D3). 
You can find out more information and read about the PurePharma products by following these links:
O3 and D3 (Many of you from the paleo challenge will know that supplementing with fish oil is all about the Omega 3 content, which is the combined EPA and DHA fatty acids. Check out the potency of PurePharma’s O3!)
Also follow the link below to see which top athletes use PurePharma… These athletes are not paid by PurePharma, they’ve chosen to use their products because of their quality and PurePharma’s commitment to CrossFit.
PurePharma Athletes
We will be taking pre-orders until Monday 17th June so please get your order in before then. Prices are as follows:
O3 is $39.95
M3 is $31.95
D3 is $17.95
Introductory package price for all 3 is $80
Please come and talk to me if you have any questions or need further information.