Jan 2014 Whole Life Challenge

Early in the new year we’ll be participating in the Whole Life Challenge. It’s an 8 week healthy lifestyle challenge that begins the 11th of January. All CrossFit Maitland members are encouraged to join the challenge team. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to dial in lifestyle habits that will create a fitter and healthier you! All your work hard at the box is only part of the picture. There are a host of other important aspects to consider for optimising your health and fitness that the Whole Life Challenge will assist you with.
During the challenge there will be a points system to hold you accountable for nutrition, encourage training, mobility work, supplementing, etc. You can choose your own set of rules to follow by opting for a commitment level of either advanced, intermediate, or beginner. Your progress will be tested by before and after hip and waist measurements and a scored workout. There will be a leader-board to track the points we are earning along the way and allow us to see where each other is at. We’ll have our own forum to offer support and encouragement, share thoughts, ideas, and recipes etc. While everyone who participates “wins” there will be prizes on offer to reward those that commit most and show the biggest improvements. The winner is determined by accountability (points earned) which holds 50% weight of the decision, measurement improvement – 25% weight, and workout improvement – 25% weight.  
Register now, get prepared, and be ready for an awesome start to 2014!!!