AMRAP Deadlifts, Pull-ups, & Box Jumps

TUESDAY 230413
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
9 Deadlifts, 70/50kg
12 Pull-ups
15 Box-jumps, 24/20″
*Full extension on the box.
Record your results / post to comments.
Deadlift tips:
Feet approx. hip width apart, even grip on the bar just outside the legs.
Weight in the heels – engages posterior chain musculature, helps maintain bar contact with legs and a vertically straight bar path (efficiency).
Chest up- keep your lower back tight (natural arch) and in a safe position.
Shoulders just forward of the bar (scapulas over top of the bar) on set up.
Maintain barbell contact and a vertically straight bar path as you drive through the heels and extend the knees and hips to lockout AND as you set it back down.
Heres a video…