December 29, 2012

Team WOD 1
As a team, max distance row in 30 minutes.
*Each team member must row a 300 metre pull upon their turn, no more and no less.
*Each team member must row at least 3 times.
*There must be one team member holding the lockout position of a push-up at all times during the 30 minutes. 300 metres will be deducted from the total for each occurrence where the position is lost. A straight body position must be maintained with only the feet and hands in contact with the ground and elbows fully extended.
*Damper setting must be set at 6.
Team WOD 2
As a team, max kilograms ground-to-overhead, passing through a full squat, in 10 minutes. 
*Each team has one bar with a pre-determined weight.
*The weight cannot be changed once it has been set.
*Each team member must complete at least 10 lifts each.
*Use loads in factors of ten only. For example, 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, etc.
*Possible result, for example may be, 100 reps at 30kg = 3000kg, or 150 reps at 20kg = 3000kg
**WOD 1 and 2 will be completed on a continuously running clock.
**5 person teams.
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