Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 3:00pm
At the Box!
BYO chairs, eskys, cups, plates, cutlery, drinks etc. As for food can you all bring something that can be shared amongst the group. Meats, veg, meat, fruit, salad, and meat dishes will definitely go down best. And meat. Nibbles and desserts to share also if you like. Many of us eat Paleo so why not search the net for great recipes to impress with! Later into the evening we can continue to party on in good ole Maitland town. Leave your gear at the box or in your car and collect it all on Sunday!
Earlier in the day beginning at 8am our WOD will be the CFM Twelve Days of Christmas (the WOD is in the website archives if you don’t know it). Dress in a Christmas theme for the WOD.
Hope all of you can make it! It’ll be awesome to all get together!
Check the Facebook Event thats been created for more information.