Apparel Order

Hey guys, we are currently taking t-shirt and singlet orders. Please check the CrossFit Maitland Facebook page for links to the available styles and colours. The links also include sizing charts to help you determine your correct sizing. We are staying with the same make as last time so if you don’t already have one of those you may be able to try on another members shirt to help you figure out what size fits best. Best done pre-Wod!!
The design for this upcoming order will be the same as our previous one… Large chest print of CrossFit Maitland with CFM kettlebell logo on front, and small CFM kettlebell logo on the left lower back. This time however there is now another style of t-shirt (the tri-blend) and also singlets to choose from.
The order will only be for what you guys ask for. We won’t be ordering in excess so please be careful to not miss out. We are also asking for payment prior to the order being made. 
Order will be placed during the final week of September, so either text, call, or see me in person and let me know what you’re after 😉