As our community at CrossFit Maitland continues to grow we have established a few “box” rules to ensure that everything continues to flow smoothly and everyone who trains here enjoys their experience. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s only fair to:

Book your session – If you arrive to a scheduled session without a prior booking it’s possible you could miss out on participation as class numbers are capped. This ensures coaching quality remains high with an effective and appropriate coach to athlete ratio.

Notify cancellations – If you are unable to make it to your booked session please cancel as soon as possible. Somebody else may be able to fill your spot.

Arrive on time – It’s important to to be on time so you can participate in the warm-up prior to the Workout of the Day. We understand that being late can happen occasionally but consistently late arrivals are unfair on coaches and other members.

No coaching – Encouragement and support is great, but please stop short of coaching other members. While you may have well meaning intentions you may be providing incorrect instruction. Leave the coaching to the coaches.

Clean up – Before leaving please clean up after yourself. This includes returning equipment neatly, wiping up sweat, blood, skin etc.

Don’t take shortcuts – In implementation CrossFit is a sport, the ‘sport of fitness’. We use whiteboards as scoreboards, run a clock, and have rules and standards to define performance. Your coach won’t see every rep you perform or be able to keep count for you so always give an honest performance and if you miss a rep redo it.